WOWMAGZ issue 11 Released

yep. majalah desain favorit gw akhirnya rilis versi terbaru . gw kutip dari blog mereka.

Yeap, welcome back to our cool stuff WOWMAGZ issue 11, This time, we will burn your inspiration through the artworks of Indonesian artists and worldwide. there are 40 ARTist and 524 Pages. DAMN this is SO HOT!! Featuring Local Hero from Indonesia Diela Maharanie,Nani Puspasari and Adhi S.P Djalal a.k.a Barkernesia. Sound Cool huh? Absolutely !! and also this trio Smokin Awesome Guest Artist , Adam Spizak, Alex Fuentes and Patrick Monkel will fire up your inspiration. and the good news is This is FREE for You Dude !!OK… enjoy our new edition. Don’t forget to spread the wowmagz to your friends.


Specification WOWMAGZ 11
Cover image : Adam Spizak.
524 Pages in Digital Art, Illustration, Photography,Motion Graphic etc.
LOCAL HERO : Diela Maharanie, Nani Puspasari, Adhi S.P Djalal
GUEST ARTIST : Adam Spizak, Patrick Monkel, Alex Fuentes.
Super stuff, Snapshots, Tutorial, Motion Graphic, Freebies and More…
Music By Dizcoutheraphy ” Above The Clouds ”
Size 75 MB available for PC and MAC

download langsung dari blog mereka disini


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